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How many more?

Left: Samson First Nation Chief Marvin Yellowbird. Right: Murdered 5yr old Ethan Yellowbird.

I visited a mate of mine on Samson about nine years ago where I spent three days on the rez. I loved it and thought it was the greatest place I’d ever been to (I hated all the flat open fields though).  I then visited her again about two years ago, where I had the misfortunate to stay at a house thick in the middle of all the gang activity. Almost got the crap beaten out of me by a drunk fool, and would have too… had I not taken off in a vehicle. I was later arrested at gunpoint for driving a stolen vehicle. How wrong was I initially thinking Samson rez was awesome, eh?

As most will know by now – a 5yr old boy was shot dead on Samson First Nation in what was obviously another gang related shooting  (this follows the shooting of 2yr old Asia Saddleback who now has a bullet lodged in her spine).

Take a look at Samson First Nation’s news page on their website – a 5yr old was murdered and it wasn’t even good enough news to be put on the website’s community news page.

Apparently RCMP Supt. Curtis Zablocki told reporters that “investigators are following up on all leads and have not ruled out possible gang activity.”   He also said something about long term, mid-term, short-term plans and strategies are needed etc blah blah blah.  Lots of talk – no action.

Physically speaking Chief and Council could very easily pass a Band Council Resolution (rez law) instructing law enforcement to search everyone under 50 and over 10 for weapons.  But if history is anything to go by, that is not likely to happen.  Someone will mention traumatising innocent children and adults.  Others would probably yap about infringing constitutional right to be free from unnecessary search.

It would be a similar situation to how Pakistan can’t be seen asking the U.S for help inside its borders because it could cause domestic issues.  Once again – who gives a shit? Who wants to bet a week’s pay that Chief and Council will hum and haw, but nothing of substance and nothing real will be done? The problem is policing on reserves is a bit of a grey area because it concerns first nation sovereignty.  No Chief and Council wants to be seen eroding sovereignty by asking the colonising authorities for help.  They’ll be publicly seen as week.

One innocent life against 300 law abiding people being searched doesn’t sound like it would be a difficult decision for most.   Some might wonder how many more children must be shot before the Chief will take decisive action.

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